Sunday, September 2, 2018

Leaked! Spec sheet for Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless

Image courtesy of Nokishita Camera

Japanese site Nokishita Camera has posted a set of alleged specs and pics of the soon-to-be-announced Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless.

Looks like it will be a full frame 30.3MP still camera with 5,655 focus points and a maximum burst rate of 110 fps.

That said, although we're a hybrid still photo/video blog here at HCR, anyone who has spent any time following us knows that our primary interest is video - so here's our take on the video specs for this camera:

The Good:
  • Codec is MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (ALL-I and IPB up to 480mbps) - no more memory hungry MJPEG
  • UHD on a full frame Canon mirrorless 
  • Dual pixel AF at all resolutions
  • Some websites are reporting a fully articulated LCD (!)

The Not-so-good:
  • Still limited to 29 minutes, 59 seconds of continuous recording
  • No DCI 4K
  • No 10-bit (internal or external)
  • No in-body stabilization
  • 60 fps slow motion limited to 1080p resolution (no 4K/60p)
  • 120 fps slow motion limited to 720p resolution (no 1080/120p)
  • A single (SD) card slot
Video section of the spec sheet below (click on image to expand):


To be honest, I'm not really impressed.  If these specs are accurate, this looks like another 8-bit camera that fixes the 5D Mark IV's most egregious problems but isn't much of a technology leap.

The new Nikon Z6 and Z7 cameras, with their 10-bit N-LOG output, will be highly competitive with this camera - and if Panasonic finally enters the full-frame fight later this month with a 10-bit internal camera, 2019 will be a great year for 4K full frame video.

If, after seeing the EOS R's specs, you've decided to go ahead and pre-order the Nikon Z6 or Z7, please click on one of the links above or the display ads at the bottom of this post.

It won't cost you anything extra and will help keep these posts coming.

Thanks for supporting the Hybrid Camera Revolution!

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