Monday, November 23, 2015

3 axis gimbal prices plummet - Kovacam Sabre Digi for A7/GH4/G7/A6000 just $398!

New Kovacam Sabre Digi 3 axis gimbal just $398

Kovacam has been building counterbalanced stabilizers and selling them in the US market for a while - such as this well-reviewed combination stabilizer monopod and the interesting Xcam Sabre mini tripod stabilizer.

Now, they have decided to step into the 3 axis gimbal market in a big way - with the new Kovacam Sabre Digi SD-01 - priced at an amazing $398.

At this price, Sabre Digi undercuts the nearest competition, the $499.90 Beholder MS-1, by almost $100 - and makes the $998 CAME-TV Single look seriously overpriced.

Here are a couple of Kovacam promo videos showing the SD-01 flying the Panasonic G7 and GH4:

At $398, it starts to make a lot of sense for mirrorless shooters to replace their old counterbalanced stabilizers with an easy to use gimbal.

It also means the higher-end gimbal manufacturers will  have to lower their prices if they want to stay competitive.

A real win-win for videographers and filmmakers on a budget.

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