Tuesday, October 27, 2015

$900 price drop on 2011's king of low light - Sony FS100 now just $1599!

Sony's NEX-FS100 was revolutionary when it was released back in 2011.  Remember these videos?

At $5999, the FS100 was the first Super 35mm digital camcorder below $10,000, and its low light performance blew Panasonic's AF100, with its micro 4/3 sensor, out of the water.

But time marches on.  Today, there are at least half a dozen Super 35 camcorders with higher resolution, less compression, more bit depth and higher frame rates between the prices of the $2995 URSA Mini 4K and the $5599 Sony FS5.

So, Sony has dropped the FS100's body-only price - and it is now a much more reasonable $1599 at Amazon and Adorama.

But there were only 13 left as of this post - if you want one, you should pull the trigger now.

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