Sunday, February 1, 2015

Panasonic GH4 marked back down to $1497.99

After a post-Christmas spike up to $1697.99, Amazon and Adorama* show the GH4 marked back down to $1497.99 as of this morning - and manufacturer authorized reseller Cameta Auctions is selling brand new Panasonic GH4 bodies (with full Panasonic USA warranties) for $1497.99 via eBay.

This is a very interesting price point, in light of the Samsung NX1's $1499.99 list price, which has remained rock steady over the past few months.

I wonder if Panasonic is starting to feel a little pressure from Samsung?  Or, perhaps there's a new 4K camera from Panasonic on the horizon? Whatever the cause, this $200 price drop is good news for shooters.

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*The Adorama bundle includes a 32GB SDHC and a $50 gift card.

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