Sunday, January 11, 2015

Unbelievable clearance price on Panasonic G6 w kit lens - $399.99!

One of the best of the entry level still/hybrid mirrorless cameras, the Panasonic G6, is being marked down seriously on closeout.  Last week, Samy's was selling it for $499.99 (now sold out) - and this week, it's at BestBuy via eBay for $399.99 plus $2.99 postage.  They are sold out at BestBuy online, so the eBay stock won't last long.

This terrific little camera has big camera features such as focus peaking, wi-fi with NFC a built-intervalometer and 1080/60p recording - and is a great value for the money, especially at this price.

I just hope this is a sign that Panasonic is working on an entry level 4K interchangeable lens G7!

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