Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sony A7s Now In Stock and Shipping from Adorama and Amazon!

You have to give it to Sony. When they promise a camera on the first of July, they deliver it on the first of July! The amazing full frame Sony A7s is now in stock and shipping at Adorama, Amazon and B&H.

Some reviewers who've shot with it like it better than the GH4. Here's one of the earliest and best examples of what the A7s can do from W. Ashley Maddox of Missionary Films:

In an interview over on newsshooter.com, Ashley says, "The buttons took about an hour to get used to – compared to days that it took for me to get used to the Panasonic GH4’s buttons" and "Editing [A7s footage] was way easy compared to the GH4 and FS700 in S-Log 2. I found that the noise was low. And when there was noise, it had a natural grain look to it vs. the muddy blacks that I am seeing in the GH4".

For shooters who are accustomed to Sony menus, who really really want mirrorless full frame with great low light performance, don't mind buying an external recorder to get UHD, and who don't need 10 bit output or true 4096x2160 4K, this may be the right camera.

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