Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Great GH4 Product Demo with Panasonic UK's Mark Baber

Hat tip to for staying off camera and letting Mark tell us about the camera without interrupting him.

We learn a few things here that go beyond the specs, e.g.:

- There are only 8 pre-production models of the GH4 in all of Eurasia, outside of Japan

- "Face Detection" autofocus now includes "Eye Detection"

- Panasonic seems to have fixed the GH3's SD card door problem

- There is a new 15mm f1.8 in the pipeline and a new, smaller 35-100 constant f2.8 in development

It's a little long, but worth watching all the way through.

If you'd like to have your 4K-capable SD card in hand before your camera arrives, you can get a Kingston 64GB UHS-I Speed Class 3 for $110 or a Panasonic 64GB microP2 Card for $372.

You would only spend the extra money for a microP2 card if you planned to make the GH4 a "B" camera to a Panasonic VariCam or other camera that records to even more expensive full-sized P2 cards. I may invest in microP2 because I'd like to rent the new Panasonic Super 35 VariCam someday - but shooters who plan to stick with the GH4 should get the Kingston (or the new Panasonic Gold Series SDUC when it is released).

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