Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Panasonic GH4 "Hands On" Videos

I don't usually post these, but there have been so few people with test cameras in their hands that we are reduced to noisy camera show (and camera store) "hands on" videos in order to see images of the camera outside of a display case.

From John Arnold of Photo Walkthough at the Photography Show 2014 in Birmingham, UK:

From Matt Granger at Photography News and Reviews:

In addition to the dearth of real hands-on videos, I have been a little surprised by the types of sample videos that Panasonic is using to promote the GH4.  For the GH3, they hired Bruce Logan A.S.C. and Philip Bloom to shoot Genesis, a terrific little narrative with near-Hollywood level production values.  This time, the only official sample videos I can find are travel and nature pieces.

Although these subjects are great opportunities to showcase the camera's amazing resolution, a sample film with actors and motion and a variety of day/night/outdoor/indoor shooting conditions is going to sell more cameras, in my view.

Panasonic - if you're listening - please lend a camera to Bruce Logan or Shane Hurlbut or Philip Bloom - or someone else with "ASC", "BSC" and/or "DGA" after their name - and pay them to shoot a Genesis-style short with the GH4 in full 4K.

If you can't afford to do that, or the timing isn't right, at least get a few more pre-production cameras into the hands of shooters and bloggers.  Eduardo Angel has posted some great 1080p samples - but with 4K footage from Sony and Blackmagic already on the street, potential GH4 shooters need more full-resolution examples of what this camera can do.

Even though it looks like pricing and pre-ordering is already available in Europe, we here in the States are still anxiously awaiting official pricing and the opportunity to pull the trigger on this camera.

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