Friday, February 14, 2014

How much will it cost to turn a $1699 Panasonic GH4 into a 4K DCI Cinema Camera?

Here is a great picture from Gizmodo Japan of the recently announced Panasonic GH4 mounted on the DMW-YAGH interface unit, fully rigged out for shooting theatrical quality 4K motion pictures -  on display this week at CP+ in Yokohoma.

So - how much would something like this cost?  Let's add it up (to include a Speed Booster and SLR Magic Anamorphot adapter [not pictured] for a "Hollywood" style anamorphic image with a Super 35 crop):

The total price for all of the components listed above is $11,278 - and that doesn't include a matte box, 12V power or recording media.

Sounds like a lot, but contrast that with the cost of recording 4K with a $20,000 Canon C500 and a $3495 Ki Pro Quad, as pictured here:

And that doesn't even include lenses.

No more excuses.  For less than $15,000, students, independent filmmakers, small production houses and even camera enthusiasts will soon be able to buy a camera package that can record full projection quality 4096x2160 24fps Cinematic 4K at 10-bit 4:2:2.

Smart production houses will save even more money by buying Odyssey 7Qs instead of the more expensive Ki Pro Quad.

The GH4 is as close as we have come to the culmination of the hybrid camera revolution - an affordable still/video camera with world class stills and video.

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