Sunday, January 12, 2014

UK Dealer: 4K Blackmagic Production Camera Shipping This Month!

3D Broadcast Sales at Pinewood Studios in the UK claim that the long-awaited 4K for $4K Blackmagic Production Camera will start shipping in January 2014.  After Blackmagic CEO Grant Petty's "shipping this quarter [Q4 2013]" quote a few weeks ago, let's hope this isn't another false alarm.

Hopefully, CVP in the UK and stateside dealers such as B&H and Adorama will get their cameras in soon and start filling customer pre-orders.

I am really looking forward to seeing what this camera can do once it's out in the marketplace and in the hands of the thousands of creatives who couldn't afford a 4K Super 35 camera until now.

Remember when $4000 was an exciting price for a large-sensor interchangeable lens 1080p Panasonic AF100?  Seems like a very long time ago.

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  1. These people are either lying or mistaken. If you go to the Black Magic Cinema Camera Forums, you will see that this claim is very suspect. Someone made a further inquiry by emailing 3dbroadcastsales, none of them know when it is being shipped. BMC continues to be un forth coming about their dealings with the public, its all a bunch of smoke and vagaries