Saturday, January 18, 2014

4K Blackmagic Production Camera Workflow Demo!


In what may be a good sign for those who have pre-ordered the Blackmagic Production Camera - here is one of the first sightings "in the wild' since NAB last year!

According to, on January 16th, at the Society of Television Engineers meeting in Burbank, California, workflow specialists LumaForge teamed with Blackmagic Design to demonstrate an "inexpensive" (by broadcast standards) 4K workflow.

Pictured above is the $3995 Production Camera connected, via Thunderbolt, to the new drum-shaped Macbook Pro (starting at $2994)  and a $1999 Seiki 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV with a $945 Blackmagic Design UltraStudio 4K Breakout Box.

Blackmagic is really working hard to shake things up in the world of high-end, high resolution image acquisition and processing.  For broadcasters, $10,000 for 4K acquisition, processing, delivery and consumption is a game changer.  It means a significantly lower cost of production and more money on the bottom line.  For indie filmmakers, this means a much lower cost of entry to projection-quaiity 4K theatrical production.

For the rest of us, it means there are going to be a lot of used 1080p "cinema" cameras on the market soon. Used C100 or F3, anyone?

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