Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sony NEX-EA50 - $2949 Deal - NOW $2725!

I have raved about this camera a couple of times before - last year when it was introduced, and last month when it was marked down to $2999.

This time, marked down to $2949 $2725 at Adorama  (immediate $50 $224 off at checkout, and a $600 mail-in rebate), it is even better value for the money.

As a reminder, here are a couple of examples of the image quality it can produce:

If you want a large-sensor, interchangeable lens, shoulder mounted still/video camcorder with pro mic inputs for less than $3000, the EA50 is pretty much the only game in town.

If anything here has helped you reach a buying decision, please click on one of the links above or the display ad below to order your EA50 from Adorama

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