Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Shameless Plug for my Pocket Cinema Camera Group on Vimeo

Shooters such as John Brawley, emm of Cheesycam fame, and others are starting to do some very nice work (and tests) with the Pocket Cinema Camera.  Here are a couple from the last few days that I really liked:

Black Hole Sun is BANISHED from John Brawley:

The Day of America's Downfall from David Dominguez:

Test Footage #3 from moribun:

If you want to see more great Pocket Cinema Camera video, please head over to my Vimeo group.

Pretty impressive for a $995 camera.  To quote David English's review over at Studio Daily:
"We’ve known for years that this camera was coming—or one that would be very similar. Everything was ready to converge for the optimal size, resolution, and price. We might not get a personal jetpack or robot maid, but we would get a pocket-size camera with a cinema-like resolution and broad dynamic range. Now that the $995 Pocket Cinema Camera is here, is it all that we imagined it might be?
On the whole, this is the camera we were looking for..."
If you haven't pre-ordered your camera yet, please use one of the links above or the display ads below.  It won't cost you anything extra - and it will help to keep these blog posts coming.  Thanks!

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