Friday, August 9, 2013

Video from Blackmagic's August 8th NYC Event!

Hat tip to filmmaker David Bates, Jr., who has posted video shot at Blackmagic's event in New York on August 8th.  If you want to skip David's mano a mano challenge to Spielberg, Lucas, et. al to a shootout with the Production camera, you can bail out of the video after about 1:10:

"Filmmakers' Challenge" aside, there is some good information on the Pocket and Production Cameras here.

First, push to autofocus seems to be pretty fast on the Pocket - and, second, the global shutter on the Production Camera seems to be effective in preventing skew.

This is iPhone video, not a studio test under controlled conditions, but it makes me that much more anxious to get my hands on the little Pocket Cinema Cam.

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