Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera "In Stock" Dates in Australia, NZ, UK - Where's the US?

This is my last post on the elusive Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera until it actually arrives (sure it is) - but I had to comment on this interesting difference between the US and our friends in the rest of the Anglosphere.

While searching for the latest clues on Pocket Cinema Camera shipping and arrival dates, I noticed an interesting pattern. Stores in Australia, New Zealand and the UK are committing to actual dates - or at least to "early August" (sometimes with caveats, but sometimes not) - while US stores, to include Adorama, B&H and Markertek provide no date information at all.

At Video Pro in Australia, they, "...expect to start shipping the initial orders out in early August".  At Rubber Monkey in New Zealand, stock is "arriving 16th August".  At CVP in the UK, the camera is "Expected: 14/08/2013".

The relative silence of the US stores on ship dates is interesting - and a little frustrating.  I'm sure that not going out on a limb and promising something you may not be able to deliver is good business practice, but, it seems to me, it should be possible to provide some information on expected in-stock dates - while including a caveat such as "in-stock date based on information from manufacturer" - or even a lengthier explanation, such as this one from CVP:

At the moment we're not sure when it is scheduled to ship or will actually ship but based on our experience with the existing 2.5K model we expect long delays. Please rest assured that we have already placed a substantial pre-order with Blackmagic Design and orders will be fulfilled in order of placement.

US stores can learn something from CVP here.

As a US customer, it would certainly be nice to have at least some idea where our cameras are and when they will arrive.  The store that steps up to this will differentiate itself from the pack - and earn the loyalty and return business of its customers.

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