Thursday, July 25, 2013

The ASUS dock saved my Nexus 7 from being traded in for an iPad Mini

Here is my review of the $28 ASUS Docking Station for the Nexus 7originally submitted at Adorama (with a little editing for the blog).  If you have a Google Asus Nexus 7, especially one with a dodgy USB port, this is a must buy.

Does what it's supposed to do
By Hybrid Camera Revolution from Terra on 7/25/2013

5out of 5
Pros: Stable, Clever, Well designed
Cons: Inflexible (Landscape mode only - no Portrait)
Best Uses: Recharging, Content Consumption
Describe Yourself: Value Oriented
Primary use: Personal
Computer Platform: Linux
This item saved my Nexus 7 from being replaced with an iPad Mini. The flimsy ASUS USB port was bent and almost unusable for charging the device. For the last few days, I "wiggled" the adapter to get a charge - and sometimes it would short out and shut the tablet off. Grrr.
For me, the dock's ability to charge through the pogo pins is a Godsend. Now, charging is a joy instead of a nightmare, and it looks pretty darned good sitting on the desk too.

And for everyone complaining about the lack of an AC adapter - please use the AC adapter that came with your Nexus 7! (sorry for shouting).  Why do you need two? Thank you.

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