Tuesday, July 2, 2013

NEW Canon 70D - Great Premiere Video - "Handmade"

Canon's new autofocus system, upgraded DIGIC 5+ processor and built-in wifi make this new camera a worthy entrant to the hybrid still/video market.  For Rebel shooters with a significant investment in Canon glass, but who can't afford a 5D Mark III, this camera may be the perfect upgrade.

Here is what it can do (in the hands of cinematographer Noboyuki Yanagibashi):

And here is the "making of" - narrated by Yanagibashi-san himself:
Very impressive performance, and I expect Canon to sell a lot of them.  If you're ready to upgrade to the best crop sensor Canon for video, and you don't need a headphone jack or 1080/60p, you can pre-order your new 70D body for $1199 at Amazon or Adorama.

And, for the latest 70D videos, please subscribe to my new Canon EOS 70D group on Vimeo.

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