Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy 75th Birthday to the Man of Steel!

This is not just a hybrid camera blog.  I loved movies and comics long before I picked up a camera.

I grew up reading Superman comics. In my early childhood, comics were 12 cents, but that was a lot of money, so we went to the corner drugstore and read them on the rack.

My store didn't carry Marvel (too new and avant-garde), so I was a hard-core DC guy. So when the first modern Superman movie came out in 1977, even though I was "too grown up for comics" - I was one of the first in line.

Fast forward to 2013 and the release of Man of Steel - not first in line this time, but the first good Superman movie in about 35 years is definitely worth the price of admission.

You will find in-depth reviews and even psychoanalysis elsewhere, but for those who haven't seen it, it is a fresh look at the legend.

No, it is not 100% faithful to the Superman "canon", but it works.

If you're a Superman fan, and didn't get a chance to see this movie in the theater, see it on a $25 DVD/Blu-Ray set (when available) - and while you wait for your pre-order to ship, you can get your 75th anniversary memorabilia from the Warner Brothers' Store.

And for those who must know what cameras were used to shoot Man of Steel, the answer is: Arri 235, Arri 435 and Panaflex Millenium.

As of this post, you can pick up a used Arri 235 for $11,000 or a used Arri 435 for $29,500 on eBay and start shooting your own superhero epic.

So - contrary to one of my earlier rants, film is not quite dead - yet.

Happy 75th, big guy .

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