Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First Shipment of Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Left Factory on July 24th!

Hat tip to Olivia over at Oliviatech for the great find.  Here is an informative video (candid?) with a marketing rep from Blackmagic Design.  Shot at the "Day with Blackmagic" event in Burbank on July 25th:

Pretty much in line with what we heard from Blackmagic UK via Andrew at eoshd and parsed in my earlier post.  But the specifics of the shipment date for the Pocket are new.  The first cameras left the factory on July 24th, and, according to this rep, were supposed to be in the reseller channel early this week.

Should be real soon now.

If you haven't pre-ordered your Pocket Cinema Camera or 4K Production Camera yet, please click on the links and get on the list at Adorama.

That way, you too can hang on every word uttered by anyone wearing a Blackmagic logo on their shirt.

If the Pocket Cinema Camera doesn't start shipping by next week, the Blackmagic reps at the August 8th New York event should probably wear body armor.

If you're tired of waiting, or you need to shoot RAW 2.5K right now, the 'classic' Blackmagic Cinema Camera is in stock at Amazon right now in both MFT and EF mounts.

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