Monday, June 10, 2013

Panasonic GH2 shoots Denzel Washington/Mark Wahlberg Picture - "2 Guns"

Upstream Color won't be the only movie shot with hacked GH2s coming to cinemas this year. Hot Rod Cameras - an early pioneer in modifying Panasonic GH cameras for motion picture use (dating back to their trailblazing PL to micro 4/3 adapter for the GH1 back in 2009) - posted this on their Facebook page in May:
"Watch the movie trailer to "2 Guns". Hot Rod Cameras hacked (3x) Gh2 cameras and provided custom lens mounts so the filmmakers could use Panavision anamorphic lenses. Denzel Washington/Mark Wahlberg star in this high-energy action extravaganza!" much of this trailer do you think was shot with the GH2?

You can still find a few used GH2s on Amazon and eBay, but prices are going up - and they're becoming more difficult to find.

I love my GH3 - but I hope the more affordable G6 is as good (and hackable) as the GH2.

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