Friday, May 17, 2013

Good News for Filmmakers & Videographers - Prices Coming Down on Panasonic GH3!

As Panasonic ramps up production and the camera seems to be in regular stock, we are starting to see discounting on the flagship Panasonic GH3. As of this post, the lowest "Buy It Now" price on eBay is around $1198 - while the lowest used price on Amazon is around $1157.

Even in a world where Canon Rebels are shooting RAW (!), the GH3 is still the lowest priced large sensor, interchangeable lens video-capable camera you can buy with a headphone jack, 1080/60p and a splashproof body. And let's not forget the multiple codecs (AVCHD, .MOV and MP4). As the street price for the GH3 goes down, it becomes an even better value for money.

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