Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blackmagic Does It Again!

They were the talk of last year's NAB - and it looks like they're going to do it again. Blackmagic looks set to announce TWO revolutionary new cameras tomorrow:

1. The "Blackmagic Production Camera", a $3995 EF mount, Super 35 4K camera with a global shutter (!), and

2. The "Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera",  a $995 (!!) Micro 4/3 mount (!!) Super 16 camera with 13 stops of dynamic range (!!!) that shoots RAW, and records to SD card (!!!).

The BPCC seriously undercuts the GH3, 5D MkIII and D800 - while the BPC takes clear aim at the F5, the RED Scarlet and others farther up the food chain.

Pic here:

More info as the official announcement hits the streets.

I'll say it again, these are great times to be a filmmaker!

If you can't wait for Blackmagic to ship these new cameras, you can always get a the "old" 2.5K BMCC for $2995.

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