Friday, February 22, 2013

New Nikon D7100 - GH3 killer?

Is this the GH3 killer?  So soon?  With its true weathersealing, new moire-free Toshiba sensor (demonstrated by Andrew Reid on the D5200), headphone jack, dual SD card slot and $100 lower price - is the D7100 a true hybrid still/video competitor for the GH3?

It will really depend on how the video looks (the only video Nikon has released to date is a low-res ISO 6400 flash clip, which you can see here).

But a few things are certain. It will not match the noiselessness of the GH3's electronic shutter, wi-fi capability, unlimited continuous video clip length, articulated LCD and 1080/60p.  And it doesn't have the GH3's choice of bit rates and codecs.

The D7100 looks like a solid competitor for the GH3, but, in my view, it is not a GH3 killer.

Tellingly, Nikon's product video for the D7100 doesn't mention video at all.  The video images from this camera may turn out to be great, but from a marketing perspective, ignoring consumers who are interested in video is a fail.

All of that said, if you already have Nikon lenses, and you want a potentially moire-free, weatherproof still/video camera with a headphone jack that is not much larger and heavier than the GH3 - the D7100 may be the camera for you.

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