Thursday, June 28, 2012

Canon T4i vs Panasonic GH2 shootout in progress

I rented the new Canon T4i with the 40mm STM (STepper Motor) pancake today for a side-by-side comparison with an unhacked Panasonic GH2.  I will shoot the comparison over the next few days, with the emphasis on the T4i's new video friendly features (autofocus in video mode, silent lenses, touch screen rack focus).  If there's anything else you'd like to see - please let me know in the comments section - I'll incorporate it in the shoot if I have time (it's a 3 day rental).

First impressions: After selling the T2i and shooting with the GH2 for a year and a half, I'd forgotten how big the mirror-box camera are.  Even with the pancake lens, the T4i seems heavy and bulky compared to the GH.  And I'd also forgotten how annoying it is not to have auto-switching between the viewfinder and the LCD - and to lose the viewfinder when I want to shoot video (grrr).

That said, I'd also forgotten how nice the Canon menus and interface are.  I haven't used the T4i's touchscreen for video yet, but I have used it to set the date and time - and it is a lot more responsive than the GH2's touchscreen.

This is going to be a great shootout!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing more results from the comparison. I would love the see how the "auto focus" compares for video and the touch screen rack focus. Trying to decide between these two cameras or maybe even the t3i.


  2. How'd the shoot go?! I'm excited to read your next post.

  3. Well the GH2 is over 2 years old and the Canon is new. Obviously the touch screen isn't going to be as responsive or have as many dots.

    The GH3 is going to be announced in a couple of months. Just watch - it will blow Canon snd their incremental updates out of the water.

  4. I was really hoping this comparison will happen, I have been debating for a couple of months now which one to buy. Are you still planning to do it? The GH3 will be great probably but I bit over my budget.

    1. Pavel - I apologize for taking so long to post my results. I shot this at least a month ago and have to take the time to sit down and edit it. I will get to it before August 26th, I promise.