Thursday, March 22, 2012

Short Side-by-side of TM900 and FZ150

I shot a very quick side-by-side of the TM900 and the FZ150 last month, but didn't post it because the "outdoor" comparison was shot through a window screen, the piece was edited in Windows Movie Maker (poor compression) and doesn't really show what either camera is capable of.  But I haven't had time to re-shoot it, and it does show a few things - e.g., a color reproduction comparison and the relative smoothness of the zooms - so I've decided to post it. Please watch at 1080p.

Bottom line: both cameras shoot great 1080/60p video in auto modes.  I will say this - I love my GH1 & GH2, but they take the most work to get great still/movie images.  The TM900 takes less work, but you still have to understand white balance and iris and shutter speed, etc. to stay out of trouble.  But the FZ150 takes almost zero effort to get great images.  When I just want to pick up the camera and shoot, I pick up my wife's FZ150. Bonus: it's the least expensive!

I will shoot a better comparison when I get some time - it may take a month or two, but I'll make it happen!

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