Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CNET "First Look" at Olympus OM-D EM-5

Good looking camera.  Pre-production model, so displays are off and no sample images.


NOTE: CNET removed this video after I posted it. I guess they jumped the gun on the official announcement - doh!. I will repost it here as soon as they put it back up.

NOTE 2: It has not gone back up on YouTube, but here it is on CNET TV.

Sadly, looking at the specs on CNET (which is always dangerous), the camera seems to be limited to a single interlaced frame rate - 1080/60i. No 24p, no 30p - and certainly no 60p. They didn't even bother to put in a fake progressive frame rate with a pull down removal.

Without even getting into the question of the codec (QT vs AVCHD), I'd say that the OM-D is a video "fail".

Makes me wonder whether Olympus has some sort of "non-compete" agreement with Panasonic for video.

Looks like the GH3 watch will have to continue!

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  1. No olympus cameras will do 24 or 25 FPS. So annoying and limiting. I've tried many times to find out why, it's likke they don't even understand the question.

    1. If this camera had decent video capability, an external mic jack, and a silent AF, Olympus would sell a *lot* more of them. I really don't understand Olympus' inattention to the needs of video shooters. Of course, they've been a little distracted lately ;-)