Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sony NEX-VG20 and Panasonic DMC-GH2: Side-by-side Comparison

Finally!  Here is the hands-on with the VG20 that I've promised for two weeks.  Bottom line:  The GH2 is a great camera, but I liked the VG20 - a lot.  Yes, it lacks manual color, contrast and sharpness adjustments, but it has  a built-in headphone jack and full manual audio control, it is better than the unhacked GH2 in low light and the factory-set color profile is just fine.

The GH2 does handle moire better -- but just barely. You will see moire from both cameras on the venetian blinds in the final shots -- the VG20 has it on both blinds, the GH2 has it on one.

The only thing that keeps me from buying the Sony right now is the price. The body-only price twice as high as a GH2 with a kit lens (and higher than the A77 or the NEX7).  I think I'll wait until the price comes down (unless the GH3 turns out to be better ;-)).

I apologize for the focus and audio challenges, but I hope you find the comparison useful nevertheless

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  1. Excellent comparison. Thank you for sharing and taking the time to do the review.

  2. Hey Bill,

    Just discovered this review in a google search, very well done sir. Is it possible to email you? I had a few questions about usage for this camera since it would be my first big purchase, and would love to ask you a few more questions. thanks.

  3. Thanks for all the time and effort creating this comparison and the blog itself. I am stock video producer and have been evaluating "opportunity" cameras. By that I mean a camera you always have in your nap sack for those shots which just appear from nowhere. Your help is appreciated!