Monday, August 8, 2011

Sony A77 or Panasonic GH3?

Neither of these cameras have been announced or released yet, but thanks to the Internet rumor-mill, we believe that both cameras are likely to incorporate the new higher bitrate AVCHD 2.0 codec, 1080/60p and improved EVFs. And, according to, the A77 will have a metal weather-sealed body, while, according to, the GH3 will shoot 3D video.

It looks like GH1/GH2 shooters are going to have a tough decision to make when it comes time to upgrade - especially if, as has been suggested, the body-only price point for the A77 is around $1000 (and Sony is able to overcome their moire, overheating and shot duration limit challenges).

In the meantime, GH2 shooters will keep shooting moire-free video, while waiting to see what these new cameras can do. Exciting times to be a motion picture maker!

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